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Mark Sheldon is a Northern California Web Developer who has been building Database Management Systems since 1987, and Internet Systems since 1996, acting as sole or lead developer on projects for clients that include Corporate Clients, Government Agencies, and Small Businesses. He has worked with the .NET Platform since mid 2001 and adopted it as his primary development platform on its 1.0 release in 2002 ...

Going to Graph
It's been a challenge since forever. How do you unlock the data created in and captured by productivity applications like Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint and OneNote? And how do you link up and imbue that data with context, so it can be interpreted, leveraged and consumed? It's a question Microsoft has answered in the form of Microsoft Graph.
Crisis of Confidence
Confidence is a huge asset in any career path. The question is, how do you get it? This month’s Upstart column looks at strategies for building confidence and establishing a healthier outlook.
Creating Azure Functions to Interact with Cosmos DB
In the second column in a series, Julie Lerman updates her Cookie Binge app. This time she shows you how to take advantage of Azure Functions to hook up your app with Azure Cosmos DB.
Creating Models in Azure ML Workbench
Frank La Vigne continues his exploration of the new features in Azure Machine Learning Workbench, this time delving into the handling of models.
All About Span: Exploring a New .NET Mainstay
Span is a new type in .NET that enables efficient access to contiguous regions of arbitrary memory. Stephen Toub introduces Span, Memory, and related functionality, while providing details on how these assets are quickly permeating throughout the .NET ecosystem.
Extend Excel Formulas for Data Analysis
Whether you’re a data scientist or the developer of an analytics-related service, Excel has the tools for you to build your own functions. Learn how they work and why you should use them!
Build the API to Your Organization with Microsoft Graph and Azure Functions
Learn how to leverage Azure Functions to build human and technical processes on top of data within Microsoft Graph. This allows you to build out the full API to your organization, and transform productivity for all.
What’s New for .NET UWP Development?
A lot has changed around .NET Windows platform development over the past few years. Learn how technologies like the Windows Application Packaging Project, .NET Standard 2.0, and the Windows 10 Fall Creators update have advanced the state of the art in Windows development.
Creating a Line-of-Business App with the UWP
Time was developers were wary about building new line-of-business (LoB) applications for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), due in part to challenges like lack of direct access to the database and its sandbox. Bruno Sonnino shows how these problems have been solved, making UWP a rich, robust platform for developing LoB applications.
20 Years of Cutting Edge: A Conversation
Dino Esposito this month celebrates 20 years as author of the Cutting Edge column in MSDN Magazine. It's a remarkable run that deserves a moment of recognition.