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Mark Sheldon is a Northern California Web Developer who has been building Database Management Systems since 1987, and Internet Systems since 1996, acting as sole or lead developer on projects for clients that include Corporate Clients, Government Agencies, and Small Businesses. He has worked with the .NET Platform since mid 2001 and adopted it as his primary development platform on its 1.0 release in 2002 ...

Coming Up Connect();
Artificial intelligence, DevOps, and cross-platform development were all on display at the Microsoft Connect(); 2017 event in November. This special issue of MSDN Magazine explores the tools, technologies and techniques highlighted at the conference.
Getting Started with Microsoft AI
The Microsoft AI Platform equips developers with the tools, services, and cloud-enabled infrastructure to bring the power of artificial intelligence to their applications. From Cognitive Services and Bot Framework to Azure Machine Learning Workbench to Spark and Batch AI, this article shows how to create innovative and intelligent applications with the AI Platform.
Deliver On-Device Machine Learning Solutions
Deliver cutting-edge AI/ML solutions on mobile devices using Xamarin technologies and native libraries such as CoreML and Tensorflow Android Inference.
Introducing App Center
App Center streamlines your mobile app workflow. Learn how to automate your app lifecycle in a few easy steps, by connecting your iOS, Android and Windows apps to App Center for continuous integration, automated testing, distribution, monitoring and engagement.
The Road to Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio Team Services
In today’s fast-paced, feature- and value-driven markets, you need to deliver value and react to feedback quickly and continuously. In this article, the Microsoft ALM Rangers team shares insight into transformation discoveries and guidelines that help drive continuous delivery with VSTS as the Azure DevOps solution at Microsoft.
Create Serverless APIs Using Azure Functions
This article explores common Serverless API design patterns, showcasing Azure Functions Proxies as the cornerstone feature in developing a Serverless API. Readers will learn how to design a Serverless API and master common patterns.
SQL Operations Studio: Cross-Platform SQL Server Management
Take a tour of the new SQL Operations Studio, a free, standalone tool that works with Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse and SQL Server running anywhere. Even better—it’s cross-platform!
Introducing the Windows Compatibility Pack for .NET Core
Porting existing code to .NET Core can be a challenge. Learn how you can use the new Windows Compatibility Pack on .NET Core to access APIs that were previously available only for .NET Framework, and how to use the new API analyzer to find non-portable APIs.
All About Span: Exploring a New .NET Mainstay
Span is a new type in .NET that enables efficient access to contiguous regions of arbitrary memory. This article introduces Span, Memory, and related functionality, and provides details on how they are quickly permeating their way throughout the .NET ecosystem.
Extend Excel Formulas for Data Analysis
Whether you’re a data scientist or the developer of an analytics-related service, Excel has the tools for you to build your own functions. Learn how they work and why you should use them!