CAPCE Reporting

Reporting your course completion data to the CAPCE Accreditation Management System does not have to be difficult and with our intimate knowledge of the system and its reporting rules we make the process simple and painless.

Our experience is there are many providers who do not have the personnel or toolset to properly report the required completion data. You may have already purchased an expensive Learning Management System to deliver and track your course material, only to find your Learning Management System does not support direct reporting to CAPCE. This is not an unusual problem. The vast majority of commercial Learning Management Systems on the market do not have the built-in tools required to interface with the CAPCE Accreditation Management System. For both of those reasons, there is often a gap between a CE Provider's ability to deliver course material and the ability to report it to the accrediting body.

If you are maintaining the required data (requirements may be found in the CAPCE Provider and Technical manuals found in its Providers Only Area ) and are able to export your data to a Microsoft Excel, Xml, or CSV file, we can bridge that gap. We test your data for CAPCE compliance and our unique auditing service pre-audits your data to ensure an accurate report free of errors is made every time. Review these short videos for more information.

  • Click Here  for a short tutorial on our auditing feature. 
  • Click Here   for the CAPCE Xml Upload Orientation.
  • Click Here   for the CAPCE Xml Upload Demonstration
If you would rather handle the reporting process "in house," software is available to streamline the process. The software is a windows program which is available on a subscription basis for $100.00 per month with a one year commitment, which includes upgrades, a thirty day free support window to help get you up and running, and testing and setup of your first upload.

Contact Us to get started today! Support is billed at $120.00 per hour with a one hour minimum. Most issues are resolved in under an hour.